World Soccer 2018


world soccer 2018World Soccer 2018 is the ultimate penalty kicking game online made for the 2018 FIFA World Cup that took place in Russia. Choose one the the 32 available countries, play penalty shootouts and lead you country to victory! You can customize your soccer player’s appearance including his/her face, jersey and number. Enter the Practice mode to train your kicking skills and once you are good enough, you can start playing the Tournament mode. You will be assigned a random opponent in the quarterfinals and your objective to score more goals than the opponent to advance into the semifinals. Win all matches in the play-offs to become the World champion. Use your mouse to shoot the ball as a striker, or to perform a save as a goalkeeper. Try to overcome both the wall and goalkeeper by bending your shots. You will earn coins as you play the game, use them to buy new balls, boosts and upgrades in the shop. Good luck!

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