World Football Kick 2018


world football kick 2018World Football Kick 2018 will bring you back to the 2018 Soccer World Cup, that took place in Russia. It is a simple penalty shootout game online with cool graphics and addicting gameplay. Choose one of the 32 national teams from 8 groups, perform penalty kicks and beat your opponents. There is a map of Russia in the main menu, it will help you navigate through the competition. Start shooting the ball by clicking on the screen. Drag your cursor up and release it to launch the ball towards the net. Try to trick the goalkeeper and get the ball into the net. It sounds easy, but there will also be a couple of defenders guarding the goal. Make sure you don’t hit the goalkeeper or any of the defenders. In each match, you have 3 lives left. You can miss 2 times, 3rd miss means game over. If you score a goal, you earn a point. If you miss, your opponent earns a point. Your score is displayed on the top. How many goals can you score?

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