World Cup Penalty


world cup penaltyWorld Cup Penalty is a free soccer kicking game online in which you will be helping your country compete on the FIFA World Cup. There are 32 national teams available in this game and you will play as both a striker and goalkeeper. While playing as a striker, watch the horizontal and vertical meters at the bottom of the screen, then click at the right moment to set the direction and height of your shot. Watch the power meter at the bottom left and click once again to set the power of your shot. While playing as a goalkeeper, all you have to do is to wait for the striker and click at the target to perform a save. Try to time your jumps perfectly, so you are not too early or too late. Beat as many opponents as possible and earn the maximum amount of points to advance from the group stage. Only two teams will advance into the play-offs, so keep that in your mind. Win all matches in the play-offs to become the World Champion!

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