World Cup Penalty 2018


world cup penalty 2018World Cup Penalty game online is back with the 2018 edition. Participate in the Soccer World Cup, compete with the best teams and score goals. Select one of the 32 national teams and try to beat all opponents to win the tournament. Click using your left mouse button or touch the screen to control your player. When playing as a striker, you will have to set the direction, height and speed of your shot. Watch the meters at the bottom of the screen and click once you are happy with the positions. Your striker will then launch the ball for a chance of scoring a goal. When playing as a goalkeeper, watch the gloves sign that will appear anywhere around the net. Click at the screen to jump towards the ball and block the shot. You need to finish at the top of the group stage to advance into the play-offs. Let’s see if you have what it takes to win all matches in the play-offs and become the World champion in this awesome penalty kicking game!

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