Top 10 Soccer Managers


top 10 soccer managersTop 10 Soccer Managers is a free sports game online in which you will become a soccer manager. Enter your name, choose a league, pick a team and lead them to victory. There are 6 European leagues and dozens of teams to choose from including Barca, Real, Chelsea and Arsenal. The game offers many interesting features such as Calendar, League Standings, Squad Management, Buying and Selling players, etc. You will be able to fully manage your squad including goalkeeper and reserve players. Additionally, you can also select your Tactics before the match. Each player has his own detailed info page, which can be accessed from the transfer menu. Another great feature are Sponsors, they will pay you offered amount of money each week during the contract. Once you have finished setting up your squad and tactics, you can start playing your first match. Watch your team compete against an opponent and pray for the best!

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