Toon Cup 2022


toon cupToon Cup is back with a brand new edition and you can now enjoy it for free on our football games site! In the Toon Cup 2022 game online, you will once again have a chance to play with some of the most famous Cartoon Network heroes such as Ben 10, Gumball, and Robin. Choose a captain with 2 other players to build your own soccer team. Compete against opponent teams and try to win as many matches as possible. In the Tournament mode, your objective is to lead your country to victory and become the world champion. In the Toon Leagues mode, you will go through multiple different leagues and your mission is to win trophies. The 2022 edition of the game features 2 extra Toon Leagues and some brand new unlockables. While playing a match, use the arrow keys to control your character. Press your space bar to pass the ball to a teammate. Press and hold your space bar to charge a shot, then release to shoot the ball.

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