Toon Cup 2020


toon cup 2020Toon Cup 2020 is finally here! If you have liked all previous titles from this awesome online soccer games series made by the Cartoon Network, then you will love the 2020 edition. Pick a country and play soccer matches with your favorite cartoon characters. You can choose from the most popular heroes such as Ben 10, Gumball, Craig, or Wonder Woman. Each of them has different statistics, which makes them unique and interesting. To create a team, you will have to select your captain, then player 1, and player 2. Some of the characters are locked and you will need to complete their pictures to unlock them. You start in the quarterfinals of the international soccer tournament. Your objective is to beat all teams in the play-off tree and win the final match to become the World champion. Control your player with arrow keys. Press space bar to pass the ball or to perform a tackle. Press and hold space bar to shoot the ball.

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