Toon Cup 2019


toon cup 2019Toon Cup 2019 is another super awesome soccer match game online made by Cartoon Network. Select one of the 75 countries, choose your favorite toon character and compete against other characters in the Soccer World cup tournament. Try to beat all opponents and become the World champion! There are 2 game modes to choose from: Tournament, Quick Match. When you start, only few characters are available, you will have to unlock new characters as you play the game. You can take the role of Ben 10, Gumball, Robin, Finn etc. All of them have their own specific soccer attributes. Use your arrow keys to move your player around the field. Press space bar to pass the ball to a teammate. Press and hold space to charge your shot and release to shoot the ball towards the goal. Watch out for opponent players, they will try to tackle you and steal the ball. While playing in defense, you can tackle an opponent player using your space bar.

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