Stormy Kicker


stormy kickerStormy Kicker is a free soccer kicking game online that will let you become a striker whose mission is to score goals from corner kicks. Choose one of the 16 available national teams, compete on the FIFA World Cup and win play-off matches for a chance of becoming the world champion. Watch the incoming corner kick trajectory and try to time your strike perfectly to hit the ball and overcome the goalkeeper. You can either kick the ball with your foot, or perform a header. You will need to hit the ball once it passes the red target zone. If you are too early or too late, you will miss the shot. You have a limited amount of balls left in each match and your objective is to score goals to advance into the next match. The level of difficulty will increase as you progress in the game and there will be more defenders guarding the goal post. Can you beat all opponents and become the champion in this fun soccer game called Stormy Kicker?

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