Soccer Hero


soccer heroSoccer hero is a fun ball kicking game online in which you will take the role of the striker and your mission is to run around a soccer field and score goals. The are two characters that you can play with, a male and a female. Each of them has different stats, so the gameplay will vary. Select your favorite national team, choose your hero and compete against 3 fierce opponents in the World soccer event. Press your arrow keys to control the character and collect coins scattered around the soccer field. You can use the coins to upgrade your abilities after each match. Your player can be upgraded by increasing his or hers dribbling, shooting and defense attributes. Watch out for the attacking players and avoid them to approach the goal line. Once you are in front of the goal, you will need to time your shot perfectly for a chance to score a point. Will you will the gold medal by utilizing all chances and scoring 3 goals?

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