Ronaldo Kick’n’Run


ronaldo kick'n'runIn the Ronaldo Kick’n’Run game online, you become the most famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and your mission is to show off your skills. The game was inspired by some of the classic endless runners such as Subway Surfers and Temple Run, but it’s even better and more fun to play! Run through the streets of Paris, dribble the ball for as long as possible and score goals. You will need to evade various obstacles and opponent players along the way. If you see something standing in your way, you can either go around, jump over, or slide under the object. If there is something completely blocking your way, just kick the ball and the target will break. Using this simple method, you can open gates, knock down signs, etc. There are so many cool new features in the Ronaldo Kick’n’Run game, that you will have a hard time putting it down. And if you ever get bored, you can complete daily challenges to earn some extra coins!

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