Real Football


real footballReal Football is a fantastic soccer game online initially released as a mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Thanks to our Football Games site, you can now enjoy this title for free on your PC! Select one of the available game modes, choose your team, change the game settings and start playing a match! In the Seasons mode, you can create your own squad, play league matches, beat opponents and become the champion. Create your logo and pick a name for your club. Customize your lineup and use various tactics for each opponent, so you will have a better chance to win the match. There are two ways to play the match. You can either simulate the match and see the result based on the overall stats of your team, or play the match using normal rules. Use your mouse to play the game. Click the pitch to run. Click twice to sprint. Click a teammate to pass the ball. Click the name box to shoot the ball towards the goal.

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