Puppet Soccer Zoo


puppet soccer zooPuppet Soccer Zoo is a free sports game online featuring cute animals playing soccer. It is a combination of a soccer match game and a manager simulator. Become a panda, lion, cat, or dog, play one-on-one soccer matches and beat your opponents to earn rewards. Collect coins and diamonds, then use them to buy some cool stuff in the shop. You can upgrade your player to make him stronger, or combine cards in the laboratory to unlock new, better players. Enter the laboratory and merge three cards of the same rarity to get a better card. To upgrade an existing player, you will need to own special items that can either be bought or collected. Apart from players, you can also upgrade your stadium, which will increase its visitors and income. In the Puppet Soccer Zoo game online, there are various power-ups that will affect physics and mechanism of each match. This makes the gameplay unpredictable and super-fun.

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