Pill Soccer


pill soccerPill Soccer is a hilarious free online soccer game that offers tremendous amounts of fun and amazing gameplay. Do you think that pharmacy and soccer have nothing in common? Then you are wrong! Because, in the Pill Soccer game online, you will be playing this popular team sport with funny looking pill characters, all in awesome 3D graphics! There are three game modes: Quick Match, Two Player, and Tournament. In the Quick Match mode, your objective is to play 1 on 1 soccer matches, challenge a PC opponent and win as many matches as possible. If you are bored of paying against a computer, check out the Two Player mode, it will let you compete against a friend. Additionally, there is also a Tournament mode, which you will need to unlock first before you can actually play it. Use arrow keys to control your pill player. Press left and right arrows to move, up arrow to jump, down arrow to perform a kick or header.

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