Penalty Shootout Multi League


penalty shootout multi leaguePenalty Shootout Multi League is another super fun penalty kicking soccer game online. Your objective is to perform penalty kicks, beat the goalkeeper and score as many goals as you can. Select your favorite fantasy team from one of the 12 popular soccer leagues and lead them to victory! Try to win as many matches as possible to advance from the group into the play-offs. If you manage to beat all teams in the play-off tree and win the finals, you will become the league champion! Penalty Shootout Multi League football game online offers two different disciplines. You will be playing as both a goalkeeper and a striker! When playing as a striker, you have to time your kicks perfectly to launch the ball and score it into the goal. When you are playing as a goalkeeper, you will have to react quickly. As soon as you see the ball coming towards you, click into a direction and make a save. Can you beat your opponents and win the league?

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