Penalty Shooters 2


penalty shooters 2Penalty Shooters 2 is a penalty kicking football game online in which you will play as both a striker and goalkeeper. Choose from 12 different countries and soccer leagues, such as the English Premier League or Spanish La Liga. Pick a fantasy team and compete against other teams. Go through rounds of penalty shootouts, beat your opponents and try to become the league champion. When playing as a striker, your mission is to concentrate on the ball and perform a shot for a chance of scoring a goal. Use your mouse to kick the ball towards the goalkeeper. Click using your left mouse button and hold it for a while. Release the button once your are happy with the direction of your shot. When playing as a goalkeeper, you will have to wait until you see the target. Click on the target and the goalkeeper will perform a save. This soccer game is all about timing and reflexes. If you are not fast enough, you will lose the match!

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