Penalty Rivals


penalty rivalsPenalty Rivals is an addicting soccer game online that will test you aiming skills. Enter your name, choose your favorite team colors and start competing on the ultimate penalty kicking tournament. You will face various opponents as your progress in the game and some will be harder to defeat than others. Use your mouse to play the game. While playing as a striker, click and drag your cursor or swipe into a direction to start shooting the ball. Release to perform a penalty kick. You can curve the ball so it will be much harder for the goalkeeper to make a save. Try to hit the target areas inside the goal post to gain some extra time. You only have 30 seconds to score as many goals as possible. While playing as a goalkeeper, drag your cursor or swipe into any direction to jump towards the ball and perform a save. Watch the remaining time displayed on the top of the screen. How many opponents can you beat in Penalty Rivals?

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