Penalty Power 2021


penalty power 2021Penalty Power 2021 is a sequel of the popular soccer kicking game online, the first Penalty Power from the Cartoon Network. Become your favorite cartoon hero once again and challenge other heroes in the ultimate penalty kicking competition. There are 16 characters to choose from and you will need to pick two of them. Select a captain and a goalkeeper to create your custom soccer team. Go through six rounds of matches and try to beat all opponent teams to win the tournament. Click and drag your mouse to start shooting the ball, then release the mouse button to perform a kick. Aim at the target areas of the goal post to earn an extra time. When you are a goalkeeper, just click and drag your mouse into a direction to perform a save. Score more goals than your opponent within the given time limit to win the match. The 2021 edition of the Penalty Power game offers 4 additional characters and an extra tournament round.

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