Penalty Kick Wiz


penalty kick wizIn the Penalty Kick Wiz game online, you take the role of a striker and your objective to score goals from penalty kicks. Additionally, this game also lets you play as a goalkeeper, which is equally as fun as being a striker. Select your country, and compete against other countries on the soccer World Cup. Try to win as many matches as possible to become the champion. While playing as a striker, click and hold your left mouse button to aim. Watch the target moving left and right. Release the button at the right moment to perform a kick and shoot the ball. While playing as a goalkeeper, wait to see the opponent’s target. Click at the right moment to perform a jump and save the ball. Penalty Kick Wiz features awesome 3D graphics and excellent animations including various types of goal celebrations and other emotions. The game is super-easy to pick up, but extremely hard to master, which makes the gameplay addicting and fun.

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