Kopanito All-Star Soccer


kopanito all-star soccerKopanito All-Star Soccer is a super-addictive international soccer game online. Choose one of the 8 national soccer teams and try to win the World cup. Use arrow keys to move your player around the field and for navigation in the menus. Press Enter to confirm, escape to leave. Use S key to switch players during a match. There are a few ways to pass the ball. Tap S key very quickly to pass the ball directly to one of your teammates. Hold S for slightly longer to send the ball between opponents into the direction a teammate is running to. Use your A key to perform a lob pass and kick the ball over an opponent. Press D key to shoot the ball and to tackle an opponent. Hold shift key to sprint, this works only for players without the ball. Sprinting is unlimited. Use E key for the Super-Shot, when it’s ready. Once a player starts shooting the ball, the game slows down. Use arrow keys to determine the direction of your shot.

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