Goalkeeper Champ


goalkeeper champGoalkeeper Champ is a super-fun soccer game online in which you will take the role of a goalkeeper. Your objective is to perform as many saves as possible to win the match. Watch your opponent as he performs a penalty kick and react at the right moment to make a save. Click or tap on the screen to move your gloves into any direction. You can also press and drag them around. There is a target that will show you where the ball will go to. You can turn off this option for a bigger challenge. For every successfully performed save, you will earn one glove on the scoreboard. Catch the ball to get two gloves at once. Collect three gloves in a row to score a goal. If your opponent scores a goal, you will lose your collected gloves. In the Goalkeeper Champ game online, there are 32 national teams to choose from. Pick your favorite country, play matches, go through the play-offs and win the finals to become the world champion!

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