Football Legends 2019


football legends 2019Football Legends 2019 is a sequel of the most popular two player soccer game online called Football Legends 2016. Select a game mode and start playing matches with funny big-headed characters. You can either play a quick match, or start a new tournament. There are 16 famous European teams to choose from such as Barca, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Bayern Munich. Play with your favorite football superstar, score goals and defeat every single opponent to win the cup. Complete various tasks to unlock achievements and write your name in the hall of fame. Use left and right arrow keys to move your player around the field, up arrow to jump, down arrow to slide. Press X to shoot the ball, Z to perform the Supershot. While playing the two player mode, use W,A,S,D keys to control the 2nd player, L to shoot, K for the Supershot. Can you become the champion in the Football Legends 2019 online game?

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