Football Heads


football headsFootball Heads is a one-on-one soccer game online featuring customizable characters and challenging gameplay. This game is pretty hard to play and you may struggle at the beginning. But, if you train a little, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Use your A,D keys to move sideways and J,K,L keys to jump or perform a kick. There are two different types of kicks. You can either make a normal straight kick, which is faster and has more power. Or you can perform a softer lob kick, which is slower but has a greater trajectory. Score more points than your opponent within the given time limit to win the match. Climb divisions and unlock all rewards, so you will be able to fully customize your character. You can change your character’s head, cleats, cap, jersey and glasses. There are random power-ups and cool player emotes available in the match. Do you have what it takes to go through all divisions in the Football Heads game online?

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