Football Crash


football crashFootball Crash is a simple football running game online in which your objective is to run around the field and score touchdowns. If you are a fan of other running games on our website such as Run n Gun or Linebacker Alley 2, you will love this title! Select your favorite NFL team and start playing a match. Watch your player running with the ball and evade opponents trying to tackle you. Use your mouse, left and right arrow keys, or finger to control your player. Collect coins and power-ups scattered around the field to get money and bonuses. You will earn points for scoring touchdowns as you progress in the game. You will be invincible for a couple of seconds after scoring a touchdown. But, when you are not invincible, you must avoid getting tackled at all costs! If an opponent crashes into you, it’s a game over and you will have to restart the match! Let’s see how many touchdowns you can score in the Football Crash game.

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