Football Blitz


football blitzFootball Blitz is a super-fun two-player sports game with crazy-looking characters and addicting gameplay. It is a combination of a free soccer game and online fighting game. Select one of the game modes, customize the settings and start playing a match. Choose your favorite team, compete against other teams and win as many matches as possible. There are 6 different teams to choose from and each has their own unique outfit. You can either play in a super-hero costume, or become a chicken, etc. It’s up to you! You can also choose from many different balls and stadiums. Some of the teams and balls need to be unlocked first before you can play with them. Complete all challenges and win the tournament mode to unlock all stuff. Use your keyboard or touchscreen to play the game. Move your player around the field using arrow keys. Shoot the ball on offense or tackle the opponent in defense using your space bar.

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