First Down Football


first down footballFirst Down Football is a crazy American football game online that is like no other game on our site. You won’t be playing any match or kicking a ball. Instead, your objective is to launch yourself into the air and smash down the entire opponent team! Click the left mouse button or hit the space bar as fast as you can to build up power! Watch the power meter at the bottom of the screen. When the timer runs out, you will be launched on your run. Watch your football player fly and collect cash and bonuses. If you are lucky, you will land on top of the opponent players for some extra coins. After each launch, the game will show you how well or how poorly you have performed. You will earn money for the cash collected during the fly, for the collisions with opponents and for the distance traveled. Upgrade your stats between levels. You can increase your flying speed, improve your launch time, boost time etc. How far can you fly?

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