Ben 10 Penalty Power


ben 10 penalty powerIn Ben 10 Penalty Power football game online, you take the role of the famous alien superhero and your mission is to make penalty shots against other heroes, score goals and beat the opponents. But, not only that! You will also become a goalkeeper and save the incoming shots. Help Ben 10 kick the ball and score enough goals within the given time limit. Use your mouse to play this game. Click using your mouse button and drag into a direction to set the trajectory and power of your shot. Release the mouse button to perform a kick and shoot the ball towards the net. While playing as a goalkeeper, use the mouse to determine the area where you think the ball is flying to. Ben 10 will then jump into that area for a change of saving the goal. There are five different alien forms you can choose from and five opponents to play against. Can you beat all the Cartoon Network heroes and help Ben 10 win the Penalty Power tournament?

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