Football Games Online

American football, also known as "gridiron", is one of the most popular team sports in North America. It is very similar to the European version of football called soccer, but there are some differences such as the oval shape of the ball and more complicated rules. Instead of kicking the ball, you will be throwing it to make a pass to another player in your team. American football also features additional protective equipment like helmets and shoulder pads. Each match is played by 2 teams with 11 players in each of them and it takes place on a rectangular field. The world's most famous league is called the NFL (National Football League) and it is situated in the US and Canada. American football games online are free browser games for kids, in which you can become a football player. Your objective is to run around the field, pass the ball to your teammates, avoid tackles and score touchdowns. Beat your opponents, win matches and become the champion. At, we offer the greatest American football games and NFL Games online that are unblocked for school. They can be played on both PC and mobile. No download is required!

Soccer Games Online

Soccer is considered the world's most popular sport. They simply call it football outside of the US and it is very popular, especially in South America and European countries like Italy, Spain, France and England. Everyone knows the most famous soccer players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Zidane and Maradona. You can watch live soccer matches on TV every day in most parts of the world. A soccer match is usually played by 2 teams of 11 players and it lasts for 90 minutes. If you are a fan of soccer, then we have some great news for you! You can find dozens of free soccer games online on our Football Games site. We offer the greatest field running games, penalty-kicking games and goalkeeping games. Whether you want to become a goalkeeper, train your ball dribbling skills or just score some goals, you can do it all! There are no limits. Or maybe you would like to challenge your friend in a two-player competition? No problem! Just visit our two-player games category and check out some of the best football games for two people. So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite soccer player, put on a jersey and guide your club to fame and glory!

Rugby & Other Team Sports

Rugby is another type of football. It is a very similar sport to American football, but there are some slight differences in the rules. Rugby is more widespread around the globe compared to American football and it is a popular team sport in countries like England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. There are multiple kinds of Rugby competitions such as Rugby League and Rugby Union. Apart from that, different countries compete against each other in international tournaments called the 6 Nations Cup and Rugby World Cup. Rugby is a rough sport and it is definitely the most dangerous and physically demanding type of football. But don't worry! Thanks to our rugby games, you don't have to actually be on the field. You can virtually become a rugby player and perform tackles without any danger whatsoever. If you are a sports enthusiast in general, you might as well be interested in other team sports. Take a look at our Baseball Games website, where you can find an enormous amount of cool baseball games online. If you are a fan of hockey and basketball, then you should check out the Hockey Games and Basketball Games sites and have fun!