proxballProxball is a little indie football game online in which you will be able to challenge your friend in a one-on-one match. As in most other two-player games on our website, you can control both players on the same keyboard. Select one of the game modes (Rugby, or Handball), choose an opponent (AI, or Player), customize the game settings and enter the match. Use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys to move your players around the field. Pick up the ball and pass it to your teammate. Evade opponent players and try to get to the end zone as quickly as possible to score touchdowns. Activate various items scattered around the field and use them as power-ups to create explosions, freeze time, etc. It will make the game extremely chaotic and super-fun! Your score is displayed on the scoreboard in the middle of the screen. We recommend playing the Proxball football game online in the full screen mode for a better experience.

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