Penalty Challenge


penalty challengePenalty Challenge is a 3D soccer game online in which you will compete on the soccer World cup tournament. There are 32 different countries to choose from such as Russia, Brazil, Germany, or Spain. Select your favorite national soccer team, play rounds of penalty shootouts and try to beat every opponent to become the new World champion. In the Penalty Challenge game, you will have a chance to play as both a striker and goalkeeper. While playing as a striker, you can just swipe up to perform a kick. Swipe into any direction to make the ball go left and right. If you give it too much power, the ball will go off the bars and you will miss the goal. While playing as a goalkeeper, just tap the screen to let the opponent kick. Watch the shot and move your gloves as close to the ball as possible to make a save. Each team makes 5 shots and the one who scores more goals is the winner of the match. Beat all opponents to finish the game.

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